{power year} may/june

If April was wrap-up month, May was rest-up month.  Except I didn't rest, I worked-worked-worked.  It's an intermediary role of having to make some cash; spent all my time doing that and getting/getting over the flu.  Do you know the flu isn't just big cold?  I had no idea.  It hits hard.

So, following my Power Year rules, what do I do? 

Rule No. 5 - jump in where I am.  I'm right here.  I'll start with Rule No. 2 and do something productive for 15 minutes per day.  I've had to take it real easy cuz the flu leaves behind a lot of fatigue and I already have a higher share of that than most.  But I can start getting focused again.  Having my ess in order now allows for more options later.

And from Rule No. 4, I'd like to start my 11 minute morning meditations again.

Time is opening up.  No more flu, less fatigue, one more vocal class left, time off from one job this month, and a new support tool to help it all fit together, yay!

June.  Yes, moving on to June. 

My goal for June is to mail my give-a-way from March!!!  I know.  Super bummed I wasn't on that.  I went against Rule No. 1 and instead of working towards 80% of a task, I piled on more and more expectations until I paralyzed myself.  It's because my supplies are still not super-accessible.  I wanted to add a goodie to the winning notebook, but instead delayed even getting that out.  I suck.  And that's why my June goal, and my only June goal, is to deliver that notebook to the winner!

Well, this felt good to get back on the blog.  Thanks for being there.  And let's RAWK this month!!!