jumping in, in july

Well, first of all, an update:  done! I did it!

June's Power Year Goal ACCOMPLISHED!!! 

Now to jump in for July.  I haven't gotten any inspiring goals message from the Power Year moderator for July yet, but that's just fine as I haven't finished started my personal statement from May.

This morning as I lay in bed, cuddling with my iPhone, I got into Anna's Door Sixteen blog, especially her to-do lists.  Though I've followed her on Twitter mucho, I hadn't spent more than a minute on her blog.  So, it was nice to see her Pee-Wee post putting all her Pee-Wee tweets into context.

Since my day assignment has been cancelled, I've got some time to jump into the blog and jump into productivity.  And do like Anna does and make me a to-do list!

Here goes:

  • ugh, find my 2010 IRS filing 
  • finish washing the last of my dishes!
  • new (bigger clothes) laundry
  • goodwill pile out front
  • right room (learned from flylady = relocate stuff first, detailed cleaning second)
  • some work from home work on the work laptop
  • meet that guy to give him the old furniture
  • costco return? (nope, not today)
  • then there's all the standard self-care available on my teuxdeux list... i try the *meditate* right now... 
  • *
  • rest
    What's on your list?

    *Um, this just in:  
    apply to Craigslist ads needing female drummer playing Bonham, and another indie band that sounds cool.  Check.