{eco find} vintage fabric slippers

i love making a lighter footprint on the earth by using less new resources and conserving where i can.  these eco toes help to make that happen... practically literally!

i noticed these yellow plaid slippers on the front page of etsy and had to investigate further.  infusion is a shop run by abby on the premise of not just reusing materials, but creating something durable and long lasting.  the infusion fibers blog is also lovely, showcasing beautiful sustainable home projects and images.

i've reclaimed many samples of upholstery fabric, but they are still piled up waiting for inspiration.  infusion has figured out a striking way to reuse such fabric.  polka dot eco toes!

this pair below reminds me of the environmental studies project i completed waaaaaay back in college.  i presented facts and findings on the massive amounts of mattresses ending up in landfills.  could they be designed to be disassembled and their components reused or recycled?  ticking was a tough one to find a new home for.  it's the fabric usually on the outer-most surface of the bed.  not quite absorbent enough to use as rags... but as shoes, yes!  and the stripes are so cute!  though, i think this vintage fabric made it's way from somewhere else than a mattress.

hope you all are enjoying your monday!


p.s.  i love this poem found on the infusion fibers blog:  relationship.  check it out and leave a *hello* message!

{sunday's bouquet} nostalgia

wow, i think these last couple of weeks have totally been a stroll through and tending to my childhood garden!

what a treat to find this lovely bouquet, be drawn to it, and then see the title of the image, there's a garden in every childhood.  reminds me to pay attention to the blooms of my growth and let go of the weeds...

happy sunday, peeps,

are you making-a-long today?

did you hear about lee's make-a-long on her blog, leethal? today is supposedly the beta test for this idea she's had since last summer, but it looks like a pretty awesome turnout to me! i just made a twitter contact list of those making and tweeting!

here are all the other ways you can connect with today's makers!

to participate, just start making something! especially something that you've been putting off. a fun project you just haven't found time to get in to. also, if you use up your existing craft stash, extra points for you!

see you around the other side!


hey, what can i say...

i like this guy's style...

p.s. and if you want to learn how to throw cards yourself, here's a good how-to video. and, no worries, if you don't like the techno music, just mute the sound. all info is subtitled on screen.

soon crafters everywhere will be flicking their moo cards! *hey, i don't have my scissors, will your toss a moo card over here to cut my yarn?!?!*

i just love me some music

...it totally soothes my soul. it sets me at peace. it makes me happy and it inspires me!

yes, i have a love-affair with music.

but lately i haven't been paying music much mind.

it's time to rekindle the romance. what are some of your favorite artists? please share links!

here's what i'm listening to now:


p.s. thanks rosy designs online for such cute inspiration!

{gold!} just loving these images!

checking the front page of etsy one more time before heading to bed last night, i clicked on the shop called tavin. i was drawn there by this dress...

being struck by this image, i had to explore more and pulled up this dress listed next to it, a beautiful blue knit dress. i love the expansion and constriction of the pattern movement.

the images are peaceful, delicate, and beautiful. and the sentiment erin, the proprietor, shares about her shop and building an online community through her vintage offerings feels like a genuine warm hug!

under each beautifully photographed vintage garment, erin writes some prose, sharing her observations of moments.

this last one features a 1930's look i think we can relatively easily emulate now. a coin-bedazzled necklace, a thin scarf tied as a headband, and a worn-in, soft cotton tank top... and i love those white tights. but that style, that look, capturing that image... not so easy to replicate. learn more about the style photo-shoot at erin's shop announcement on etsy


p.s. erin's got quite an inspiring story on her etsy profile of her path to having her dream of tavin shop come to fruition! see even more pics on her flickr.

this is happening

saturday, if you're anywhere near jack london square, head on over to the handmade ho down! entry is free and there will be over 50 vendors sharing their wares. i just love that the vacant space of the old barnes and noble gets to be used in such a crafty way!

this is an evening event, starting at 5pm. here are some more event highlights of what you can expect:

*farmers market eats

*local beer and wine!

*live local bands/djs including:

-red meat

-kit and the branded men

-the goat family

-the crosstops

-dj dirti hari

*swag bags to first 200 attendees!

*raffle - proceeds to drawbridge

*bring in art supplies for drawbridge and receive free raffle tickets

*live weaving demo by the de young museum

*square dancing lessons and contest!

*picnic tables and hay bales

*creamed corn wrestling (yes, seriously)

*mechanical bull rides

meet local artisans, musicians, and farmers while at the same time supporting drawbridge, a local organization which provides art programs and classes to homeless and other vulnerable children in 7 bay area counties.