today, getting ready for the awesome.

Dropping off my car at the auto shop, walking up a hill back to the house. Today I connected with my new business coach! She caught me on the phone having just taken care of a promptly addressed vehicle issue, on a walk for self-care, and enjoying the winter sun. All good signs saying yes to a year of coaching with Emily Utter is an amazing thing.

This will be the second time I officially work with an official coach.  Over the summer I worked with the endearing Asha Ramakrishna and we focused on more spiritual blocks.  I felt surges of progress, my flow being freed up after my sessions with Asha.

Now I'm choosing Emily as I need a simple, focused, straight-forward action plan to launch my purpose to the world.  Yes, world-wide.  Here are some signs that I am now ready to do the work.

These are all in relation to how things used to be.

  • calendar 1"square a day vs. 30 minute increments with daily focus, weekly personal and project focus, 
  • hiring live-in housekeeper/cook vs. relishing processing the laundry and dishes for a 3-person household
  • hiring movers and stating I won't be able to lift anything due to my wrist aching, then moving again and not having any energy to assist and taking breaks vs. today loading up items from my house, my art studio, and my storage space, then cleaning my new room and unloading all.  Word.

At the end of Summer, I alerted Asha to the fact I was moving 25% as fast as any healthy person.  My recovery from a chronic illness was slowing me down by 75%, or taking 75% of my energy to recover while other folks would have space to apply to their projects.

I'm feeling that I'm almost ready to do more.  And that's my new red flag, well, let's call it a pink flag, neon pink.  The "I'm almost ready, hold on a second" is my new neon pink flag sending me into action.  When  I'm this close, there's really nothing more thrilling than just jumping.  Take a big leap and the tree branch/net will rise up to meet you.  Or you'll have fun butterflies in your tummy as you land, brush yourself off, and get up to take the ride one more time!

Good enough never is and almost ready is too late.   

Starting point.

Tonight I:

1.  Followed through with a commitment
2.  Needed a drink after that
3.  Reached out to a friend to drink with me (and more importantly, to talk)
4.  Then, inspired, stayed up all night taking another step towards my focused vision, feeling distractions fall away

Why is it important to reach out?

I was bummed, I was humming with poo-poo energy.  You know how everyone says, "you are the average of the five folks you hang around most"?  Well, my average had just dropped, I had been around folks who really drained my energy.  So, to boost back up my average and my energy I asked a friend who had proclaimed an all-nighter on social media, so I thought she'd be the most likely to entertain a late night meet up.

What a sweetie, she also treated me to my much needed and much refreshed wine-based cocktail :) #thanksjess

By reaching out I practiced asking for help, not having all the answers, and built my community a bit more.

And then I pulled an all-nighter.

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