my rendition of black friday

I met up with the sister again today and she let me in on the idea of Black-Out Friday, which really charmed me, and we did get to some wine/raspberry drinkies, but below is my tribute to *literal* Black Friday, finally being posted after shopping for organizing stuff all day.  And dim sum.

Inspired by this black crocheted blanket, I'm off on an all-black interwebs collection of beauty.

And then we saw The Muppets.  It seems pretty autobiographical when I learned from my sister that Jason Segel wrote it and had grown up a big Muppets fan.  It was even forshadowed in his movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Then I scored me-points when I called it that a Flight of the Conchords had to be involved in the composing of a couple of the musical numbers.  Bret McKenzie.  Point.

Good night lovelies, mmm.

thanksgiving with arlo guthrie

It's about to start!  KFOG playing Alice's Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie.  One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions.

Happy Turkey Day, y'all!

Listen streaming online here

And if you missed it, they'll play it again at 6pm, PST.  Or find it on Spotify!


how arty does art have to be?

I was just realizing I'm confused about art now.  Last week I finished watching the first season of Work of Art and was really connecting with the idea that art must mean something; must make a statement.   Yeah, on Work of Art the artists are given challenges based on themes and materials so there's more of a context in which to make a statement.  But I felt myself pulling away from art that was just pretty.  I still liked it, but I was aware of it having less purpose, and that I was missing something by not seeking out more meaningful art.  I was loosing recognizing art for art's sake. 

And I'm just finishing up Get Your Paint On, an online painting class with Lisa Congdon and Mati McDonough, where I've been working on a painting of a necktie.  I had conceded that I wasn't making a statement and acknowledged I was *just* working on technique; how I push paint around on a canvas so that my strokes could be intentional when I was really working on something to say.

There's someone at work I plan on asking.  I'll post the quandry on the private online art class forum.  But for now I did a search for "art" at the TEDTalks on Hulu.

Here's what I came up with.  Nothing that solves my riddle above.  But something that makes the study more accessible.  And showcases how coding can move people across continents.

I can't wait to curate my own Artwork Collection.