{sunday's bouquet} summer is happening

yes, mark twain is quoted as saying the coldest winter he ever spent was a summer in san francisco.

i just got back from the east coast where air conditioning is mandatory and the first day of summer passed two days after my cousin got married.  it's was a gorgeous outdoor reception, no sweater needed.

yesterday was foggy and a bit gloomy in the city.  this bouquet helps me remember the brightness and lightness of summer.  i'll soon be camping up in the sierras, so i'll get plenty of that daytime sunshine.

i'll soak it all in.

{datenight} let's go bowling!

hey, it's a standard datenight option.  hitting the lanes and striking out - but not striking out on love!

{if you'd like to find the source of the item, just type the shop name in the search box at etsy!}

happy weekend, my lovelies!
xoxo, rootmix

p.s.  to get into a relaxing day before a night out, check out the live sarah mclachlan concert at noon, pdt!

{gold!} a modern twist!

i'm loving the change in outlook a little paint can create!  just applying a different approach to painting a figurine adds freedom, possibility, and relevance.

check these out!

this collaborative, limited edition project can be found here.

i've seen 70's style vintage wall hangings and figurines spray painted a modern pink or aqua.  i just picked up a couple items to paint on my trip back east.  perhaps some dots are in order as well...

what's your crafty project for the day?


{eco find} guess who's coming to dinner?

here's a gorgeous way to reuse old wooden pallets and create space for friends!  a table out of old pallets!

find step-by-step directions over at readymade.

it'd make a great statement as a dining room table or a no-fuss option for outdoor furniture this summer!

{eco find} re-upholster

here's a lovely video made by two of the upholster-ers of spruce. ah, the sprucettes!

they find chairs to update with (ironically) vintage fabrics. they also offer green options when reupholstering chairs; like natural and organic padding materials and fabrics.

i love how the two sprucettes work together, side-by-side, completing this chair make-over in the video.

and what an important component of their business, to pass on the lost art of upholstery by offering classes in their austin, texas storefront. here's a great link to student before-and-afters!

and guess what's getting added to my maker list...  actually, re-upholstery has been on my list, in the form of two chairs in my parents' garage... ever since i saw this posting at sea of shoes (and found two chairs at the side of the road).

happy monday!

i want to ride my bicycle...

i want to ride my bike.

there's a bike in my squatter's storage space...  it use to be outside and got rained on.  a lot.  now there's a dusting of rust over each of the unpainted parts.  and the chain is dry, dry, dry.

i've been inspired by other bicycle make overs, like this one from the folks at somethings hiding in here...

and the colorful graphics on the liberty of london bikes...

oh, and it comes in paisley too!

and i'd have to get some gold teef to sport one of these beauties...

so, stay tuned as i work on my bike, making it brand-as-new!  i'm thinking spray paint or there's this really cool baby blue paint leftover from my friend's office redesign.  of course, there's always decoupage - i could find a big flower print on discarded wallpaper samples...

first i'll have to make it over to the bike kitchen to get the fundamentals fixed on da bike.  their mission is to teach "people of all ages and backgrounds how to repair bicycles. through bike repair and bicycle related projects, the bike kitchen promotes personal development and provides leadership opportunities. operating as a cooperative shop, we provide affordable ways to acquire and maintain a bike, offer youth programs, encourage re-use and recycling, and work with community groups to get more people on bicycles."  they even have ladies night!

and now... let's sing it all-together: