song of the day is "indestructible" by ray barretto, passed on from my 5th grade friend, luis

Reviewing my timeline on the facebooks, I just came across my "like" on this video that my friend Luis posted on his wall. It's worth another listen and I like what Ray is wearing. And his hair.

three take-a-ways from grad school according to chuck close

1.  You don't need *The* information, you just need to know how to *Access* the information
2.  Work habits:  develop them
3.  Learn how to take the toughest criticism

Here's the whole program:  Chuck Close in Conversation with Bill Kelly

so, this one i meant to post in august, but had fun racking my brain to find it online again.

My sister showed me a couple videos by Willy Moon and for some reason I thought this might have been the same guy. That is, until I found the video again. Musta just been the black and white/heavy shadow use that I was picking up on.