3 important things / week no. 2

Taking a cue from the whitehot truth, here let me focus on 3 important things to accomplish this week:

  1. Complete the button order for The Africa Project
  2. Ask questions and send in that paperwork
  3. Pull out the ol' encaustics!!!
That's it.  Focus on those things and the rest is gravy.

(Oh, and let me just get it out and show you all that I have to lay aside, it'd be quite a miracle if I just focused on three things and didn't get overwhelmed by this list.  This 3-things-only is tough!
embroider, knit, sew, purge and shred papers, move supplies around, move two desk tops, fold laundry, wash dishes, put away camping gear, pull everything out of that closet, take photos of all vintage items to sell, paint all found/make items, detail clean the found typewriter, make gluten-free pancakes, paint other half of bedroom walls, find external hard drive, watch hulu, take 30 minute walks, wash linens, compost stuff from fridge, tally 1,001 Squared:  The Abundance Project statuses, take recordings off v/m, get new songs onto iphone, find drum sheets and practice reading, get rid of stuff off that shelf, scrub the bathroom, and the kitchen floor...  See, way too much.  But that felt good to get it all out.  At least there's a record of what I can do over the next several weeks.)