links for my seester // have you used that lace yet?

Hey Seester,

Remember how you got some lace when we were in that amazing/overstocked wonderland of trimmings and sewing notions in Pennsylvania that Summer?

Well, if you didn't already get a bracelet together from the lace like you wanted to do, here's an awesome tutorial for you, needing basically mod podge and a cylindrical form!


what i learned about true inspiration and the advice
to be kind

Today I learned that sometimes an inspiration does not care to be called an inspiration.  And though some choices may be made for you, real grace arises when you flow and float with what is delivered; even more amazing when the choice was not your own.

So, though it may not be your choice to be called an inspiration, that makes you one even more as you have embraced your circumstances with grace and eloquence, continuing to embrace living, fighting your own battle and giving others resources to fight their own.

Choosing how to show up.

Jackie O passed away from brain cancer, triumphant in spirit to the end.  You can still support her cause by bidding at this auction and learning more about what Jackie's friends are doing.

.... and you can still be inspired by her life's work and her lasting message.