here's to blogging one more time in 2011!

It's been a great year. A challenging year, but a good year of perseverance and patience that I've made it through. In February I picked up on the Power Year idea and choose a representational animal (the walrus - my own addition, not part of the official Power Year agenda) and set about choosing SMART goals for myself.

I did go from having a short-term part-time job, to having no job, to having a full-time job with benies. That was great in addressing my survival mode outlook. I finally could look at what would be best use of my creative time and talents, my health, and my social needs and no longer do what ever it took to make cash. It was at the end of the year, settling into a regular income, that I made tons of progress and, again, though challenging, got to see a very clear picture of my life and priorities.

I now understand I super-value my time. This is something many people with competing interests, commitments, jobs, families... can understand. Yet, add to it a body that has limitations and isn't always available to meet even my basic needs. I had to get really good at letting things go and living in limbo, in the in-between time. Which is actually an awesome lesson as we are all in limbo and in-between time. Nothing is guaranteed to us, nothing is certain. But what I'm practicing to make certain is that I'll always do the next right thing to take care of my health and well-being.

I can get through *tough* when I have faith and hope. And I'm grateful those didn't falter throughout the year. The thoughts of "this too shall pass" and "when you're going through something tough, keep going!" come to mind. I kept chipping away and making any progress I could. I also had patience when it felt like I was just standing still. With stillness comes insight. (Add more meditation to my list!)

Here are a couple of sites that I've read over in preparing for 2012.  I'll be sharing more of my outcome in the next few days.

Nicole Is Better
She shares how to celebrate this year and prepare for the next year.  There's even a download to plotting out 27 action items per month!

A Beautiful Mess
Elsie shares how to make and keep resolutions.

When I Grow Up Coach
Some links Michelle shares to closing up the year.

I'm excited for 2012 and look forward to sharing the year with creative and courageous people!

Until then... xoxo!

{video love} supakitch & koralie

I've just finished up my online class, Get Your Paint On, and am keyed in to all this inspiration on the interwebs.  Now that I've gone through the slowed down process of making my own big painting, I love seeing the process other artists go through.

This hubby and wife collaboration by Supakitch & Koralie is really facinating to watch as their vision is reavealed across a large wall.

My favorite hubby and wife artists!  Euphorie.