{sunday's bouquet} focus!

it's going to be a lovely sunday! i'm getting my now & later list together for the day. oh, what's a now & later list, you ask? it's just a little technique i use to stay focused throughout the day. it helps me work on my priorities and keep first things first.

what does it look like in action? ok, well, i determine what deadlines i have for the day and what MUST get accomplished. (and i'm realistic about it - there's a difference between must-have and nice-to-have.) then, as i work on my *now* list, and i get thoughts in my head of what to jump into next (like paint my walls, or take out the trash - both things that will have to get done) i write them on the *later* list. it's not going to maim anyone if the trash is taken out tomorrow rather than today. but i do have deadlines today - so stay focused on the now list!

when i get my now list done, i can then select the top priorities from my later list - making sure to include some of the fun tasks as a reward for staying focused earlier in the day!

what do you do to stay focused? share your brilliance in the comments below!


{white rabbits!} february style!

hope you're having a lucky day! month number two for our new year!!! how're things going so far? what has brought you joy this year? what will you work towards next?

i've been getting my studio organized, got a few new storage cabinets. i'm up-to-date with making daily aceo's. it's been a lot of fun trying new techniques all within 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches.

for february i'm planning on finishing my encaustics piece, destashing some yarn via new knitting or crochet projects, and get my wardrobe together!!!

february is the relationship month, heh? these rabbits look like they're getting a lovely date night going. fun!
{via lisel jane}

this delicate little cross stitched rabbit is sure to bring luck if hung on your wall.

this snowy rabbit makes me think of the cold weather which will now start to defrost and bring us a bright spring!
oooh, an adorable, inquisitive softie..

and finally, here's a charming white rabbits greeting from way in the past - when the area around this statue was still a full open park.

here's to a peaceful and joyful february twenty-ten!