the 100th stike, embracing the fail AND the flow, and patience

Well, a lot has unfolded in life as it usually does.  Lately I've been reflecting on my efforts to make positive change in my life, which has averaged an hour a week for 35 years straight.  Sometimes it's been more than that weekly, and of course, sometimes not at all.  (I was not self-aware enough at the age of 4 to really dive in... or 17)  My biggest impact now is being patient and trusting that the outcomes from all this work are slowly seeping into my everyday quality of life.  It's easier to trust that's happening because I believe I've found the right combination for me, for now.  I've unlocked my gifts!  35 to the right, 17 to the left, 4... pop goes the padlock!  Because I'm more sure of what my interests and passions are, it makes it so much more easy to share (duh) and seek out others who are inspiring!  It's been a long road and one I wasn't always clear would lead to such awesomeness.

The first big leap forward was embracing failing.  It's really so much fun to fail!  It's so freeing.  And it provides invaluable information.  It's tremendously important to know what doesn't work for me.  Knowing that frees me up to find what energizes me!

This process reminds me of a stonecutter hitting a rock.  She could be hammering away at a very precise point for 90 blows.  Getting up there to even hit number 99 without seeing any results for her efforts.  But here comes the 100th strike and keerrrackkkk!  The rock falls open. 

My life and passions are falling open, there is a distinct flow of creativity, growth, health, wellness, and abundance as I get out of my own way.  It is still overwhelming but I've eliminated the part that does the play-by-plays and I'm just in the game.  And I allow the strikes I take towards change to build and accumulate, I have patience, and I see results.

Do you dedicate an hour a week to yourself?  More?  Less?  What do you like to do during that time?  What's the biggest challenge that gets in your way of spending more time with yourself?  What support would you need to meet your needs?

Coming up I'll be sharing which inspiring person I got to meet, more on the importance of patience, and we'll sum it up with the steps to becoming an overnight success!