april is wrap up month

Hi Rootmixers,

Happy to announce that March Madness went well for my Power Year.  Yay!  Though I did not complete one of my scheduled tasks, I came up with two alternates to consider and completed many other side tasks.  This is an amazing process.  Why do I say that?  Because previously, my standard turn-around time for projects stood at about 18 months.  Ugh!  So, this montly stuff is awesome.

Let's review, here's my SMART Goal broken into it's 5 parts:
(1)Produce (2)well received (3)and highly sought after (4)profit-generating (5)art.

(1)  I've produced (some embroidery, crochet)
(2)  My embroidered art received compliments...
(3)  and an invitation to join a traveling art hanging
(4)  No one's throwing money at me... yet!
(5)  Art - it's happening, I did practice my gouache skills

What do I need more of?

April Wrap Up Goals:
  • Write out and post my Power Year Rules.  (done!)
  • Complete the art scarf for my mom {not even a stitch yet!}
  • Focus on sleep!!!  (I get so much more done and feel so much better about it if I get 9 hours of sleep starting before 11pm!) [I'm doing the opposite!!!  Got to jump in!] {yay! I awoke at 7:30am with no alarm!!!}
  • Get in the habit of working.  Since my part-time job ended, I still need to keep that schedule...  I can play for 5 hours a day in my studio! {well, I'm doing something}
  • Build an alter for my inner artist and crew of angels!  This visual will help inspire me.
  • Send in my taxes {check}
  • Plan the dual birthday party with my bff. [Save the date sent] {time selected}
  • Get some money generating projects up online (this can be kickstarter, etsy, or other...) {renewed a pin-back button posting on etsy, joined the sf etsy team}
  • PRODUCE!!! (This kinda goes with the 5 hours a day item.  Zipper pouch, more embroidered items, some paintings...) [Test sewed a pouch, halfway...] {learned some new songs on the drums...}
    oh, and finally,
    • Get my laptop repaired...  That will help with this whole process.  Though the library is nice too. [DONE!!!]
    [updated 4/10/11] {updated 4/26/11}

      As far as my rules go, they are all super helpful and positive.  I don't think I've really dug into the budget one, but I know where I stand.  And I still need to practice the habits of rule number 4.

      So that's it for now, kids.  Thanks for walking through the review with me and I look forward to sharing a productive month with you all!


      P.S.  My band is playing this Wednesday at Hotel Utah Saloon!