{sunday's bouquet} tulips!

ahhh, tulips... i had forgotten about you and your float-over-the-side-of-the-vase goodness! i think january is your peak season. i will be visiting you at the florist and bringing you home.
{via anna maria}

these weren't them, but purple tulips where the centerpiece on my cousin's table. she hosted a wonderfully cozy thanksgiving this year!


p.s. are you resting up from holiday shopping???

happy (home relaxing) black friday!

to all of you out there braving the crowds, hope you fueled up well on friends and family for thanksgiving and all your wildest deals are coming true!

for those of you who stayed home or are already back from a 4am shopping session, here is some black friday eye candy!

a peaceful thanksgiving to you

hope your day is filled with encounters with who and what you're thankful for! here's a cute homemade display of thanks made my meg of elsie marley...

cloves and clementines may be on my christmas decorating list for words like *joy*, and *noel*, and *peace*!!!

also found linked on meg's site is a homemade version of dominoes - made from smooth rocks! i'm off to the beach! it's a lovely, warm, san franciscian day!

oh what fun to play a few houses of dominooooooes with those gathered for thanksgiving!!!!

happy thanksgiving everyone!

{gold!} come darkness

i love the simplicity and sparseness of the grijs blog. using so little says so much. all the white space really soothes my mind... ahhhh.

now equally minimalistic silk scarf which screams/whispers sanity...

click over to the curated art collection to see more goodies artistically displayed. i love it!!! and, it you're in the portland, maine area, the pieces will be displayed through december 1st!

17 Pleasant Street

Portland, Maine

and below are a few more of my favorites, though i'd love a corner of my home to be filled with all the goodies found on the link!

{sunday's bouquet} almost thanksgiving!

{via saipua}

here's a little reminder that the simple things in life are the best! pace yourself this week!


{hi5} meteor shower!

my friend posted on facebook where to meet up at 1am to see the meteor showers tonight! i don't think i can make it that late, so i instead took a look online to see items that remind me of the night sky and a showering of lights. here's what i found!

first of all, this one's very practical. something to use when our feet are firmly planted on the ground and we're aware of not getting ink on our pockets!
{via rocket science shop}

here's the necklace i'd wear if i was soaring in the night sky...
{via simon designs}

i'd climb up to the moon, say hi, and look around!

i'd ask if anyone was around to play with this shooting star and we could make meteor showers of our own.
{via paper and cloth stash}

alas, my feet are planted firmly on the ground, here on earth. this is the closest i can imagine getting to fly amongst the stars... ahhhh!!! weeee!!!!
{via gothicrow}

sweet and starry dreams everybody!


{mixtape no. 3} - craft anthems!

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

wow, this really is my favorite mixtape of all, virtual or actual cassette tape! i don't know if i can top this one. i love listening to it!!! i love the lo-fi!

if you have suggestions of other artists you think match up, other lo-fi-ers, and the like, PLEASE let me know in the comments below!!! cheers, xoxo, rootmix!

{sunday's bouquet} bright intentions!

we really need some beauty to get our week started. some gratitude and peace, some enthusiasm and passion. what are your intentions for week?


{make-a-long!} wire and bead ring

here's tutorial i sought out, rooting through the interwebs. i was wondering how to make those wire rings with a large bead as a centerpiece. there are some great step-by-step demos on youtube and i'll share the one i found most straight-forward. when i find some wire and make my own ring, you'll see a photo of it... right... here...

now, go get yourself a fattie marker, just wider than your finger...

{gold!} patchwork style

such a soothing image and *look* they're made by reusing scraps of fabric left over from your other projects! see how to make another version of these lovely potholders over at etsy, with lots of schmancy diagrams for how to cut your fabric. patchwork style, came out earlier this year and shows you how to make this project as well as many others!

p.s. i love fabric with text on it!

{tidy tuesday} video footage of craft studio awesomeness!

o.m.g. *drool, drool*

thanks anne! i've got my new bins set up and just need to sort through everything, put likes with likes. these videos are very inspirational to keep me going!

{hi5} feelin’ it friday faves!

here of some of the treats i've come across on the interwebs. all things that make me smile, bring back memories, and made me want to share them with you!

this little b-girl with her boombox, is showing how she throws down. and like the b-girl, lauren minco is throwing down with her illustration style, such great use of color and fancy used to display many cute boys and girls doing cute stuff! check out her website!

i'm really feeling this quilted map. and i especially like how cucumbersome's britt had a premonition-style dream a month before coming across this blanket! sometimes i come across things i wish i had thought of making. sometimes i'm just glad to see an idea carried out, even if i don't get the satisfaction of making it first. naw, scratch that. i'm usually pissed i didn't get my act in gear to carry out an idea. anyhoo, this quilt is a great idea i didn't even come close to thinking up and i'm happy to appreciate it this friday.

coming across this homemade play dough at hop skip jump made me smile. my mom use to make me homemade play dough too. she felt the store bought *playdoh* was too artificial (or something?). i couldn't eat sugar or preservatives. i guess ingredient-critiquing carried over into my play things too. i was a very lucky and cared-for girl.

i like how this pomegranate was thought up due to a plushteam iron chef challenge. just the creativity in coming up with such a challenge is inspiring. and i like how working together, the plushteam inspires each other. abbydid's *ingredient* was pom pons! they are the seeds!!!
and finally, if you and i were walking through a vintage shop and came across these bright blue film reels, i'd turn to you and gesture for a smacking hi5 of excitement! or, you can visit vintology and have a look at them on etsy and then post a hi5 comment here!

happy friday!

{gold!} spotted!

oooohhh, look what lady smaggle dreamed up! this necklace is so bright and cheery and reuse-y!!! save those snagged tights and find out how to make your own adornment here!

{tidy tuesday} kimberly peck, architect

In an effort to ignite my tidying skills and inspire my desire for a clear and organized craft space in my studio, I unveil {tidy tuesdays}!!! (hhhhhhhachchchchchch crowd goes wild!) Here's an image that's been sitting on my interwebs tab for the past couple days, so pretty I don't care to close the tab and loose the image.

Found at Apartment Therapy, Kimberly Peck shows the finished product of her own loft renovation. Besides being inspired by her six month implementation of her vision to perfectly fit the space to her needs, I appreciate the order of stored objects which still are at easy reach. Loving the bookshelves accessible by library ladder on the facade of her bedroom loft area!

Here the bookshelf wraps around the room, overlooking the floating stairs up to the bedroom. another element I adore is the expansive open space, even though the loft comes in at just under 1,000 square feet. The use of over-sized scale for key focal points helps pronounce the openness.

And the large format artwork adds mucho interest. I imagine being in Kimberly's loft and craning my neck to study the detail of her artwork over the living room area. The selection of art helps stamp her signature on the already defined personal style. Most of her furnishings are designed by Kimberly herself!  Would you agree this is a calm space to call home?

A final note to help impart the sense of peace and serenity a spacious, organized space affords - check out this yummy tiled tub area in the bathroom. Just consider me soaking in bubbles, surrounded by candles.

Ahhhh! OK, inspired and off to do a bit more decluttering of MY space!