1 month post-Oakland

Here’s where I stand a month after I was suppose to leave Oakland.

1.     Stayed 2 days later in SF to downsize, donate, and ship-prep more of my stuff.  Forgot to take my bike.
2.     Drove southeast through California to take a left at the desert with stops at San Dimas, Blythe, Tucson, and arriving in Las Cruces two days after my Airbnb booking.
3.     Wine tasting (no Malbec), wrong burritos, and bluegrass music 2 hours after arriving.
4.     A full moon hike and new BFF connection with a retired teacher and multi-platformed artist on my first full day here. 
5.     Treated to the large house after the studio was suddenly scheduled for roof repair, learned of the great hail storm of Oct. ’15.
6.     Shown where to get the bestest margaritas, 30 ways.
7.     Hit up open mic night, heard some belters belt.  It was good, as was my cocktail.
8.     Going stag to that Super Bowl bar viewing, maintaining feminist boundaries by not responding to “where’s your husband/do you have any kids” openers.  But otherwise having a fun time chatting it up.  #winnerbesthat
9.     Played detective, discovered my sleep IS drastically impacted by fabric softeners and dryer sheets, banned them from my room, sleep schedule has improved.
10. Working on perfecting my organic guacamole recipe.
11. Confirming just how different a home can look (and smell) online vs. IRL.
12. Consistently 2 days behind on sending home any cards or gifts.
13. Too much internet, happy when wifi went out.
14. Visited preggers horses, got petting-snubbed for my BFF.  Didn’t take it personal.
15. OMG, you can totally take a week or more to contemplate leasing an apartment.
16. Found myself accepting wine, talking unicorns, sharing hot tub waters with 5 others under the stars, overlooking the Las Cruces lights.
17. Discovered the care-takingest, hipsterist coffee bar here. Check and check.

18. At least sheers two shifts of lifestyle-pace here vs. the Yay Area.