i went to the world domination summit and i found my people

Sometimes you just know when like-minded people are going to converge on a place you are headed.  That's what happened to me with World Domination Summit 2013 a.k.a. #WDS2013

I mean, all the bloggers I followed for the past few years wrote about their experiences for WDS2011 and 2012 and I soaked it all in.  I think I tried slightly to get in to last year's event, but didn't make it.  I bought my ticket for 2013's event last October.  I wasn't going to miss it this year.

I had to meet up with my people!  What gave it away that these would be my people?  Well, when starting to explain to my bff what WDS was, I mentioned the online Unconventional Race while pulling my iphone out of my pocket.  She stopped me from going any further with, "Oh yes, these are definitely your people."

And the extra icing on the cake was the morning hi-5 greeting line as we walked into the Schnitz.  Even better, the second morning when I was dragging, I told the greeting line, "Low-5's today!" and they all leaned over to meet my hanging hand.

But those are just peripheral confirmations.  What drew me here?  Folks livng lives that allow them more choices.  Stories of how people found their own way and didn't follow a "should" life path.  If they are trying something different, they may accept my something different.  If they are pushing the boundaries of what's acceptable in creativity and connection, they prolly won't be negative to my ideas.  They'll help create a space that's excited and visionary, open to facing fears and displaying courage. 

Yup, it happened.