drum roll....

And the winner is...

Bek, come on down!  Just send me your address at heyrootmix [at] yahoo dot com and I'll send out your winnings!  You can thank this episode of Perfect Couples for picking your number!!!

Thanks Amy and Curtis Collectibles for playing along to for my first bloggy give-a-way.  If you hit me up, I may have a treat to send you as well.  No timeline, it will one day just appear...  Thanks for reading the blog!


happy st. patty's day, people!

 Ah, the luck of the Irish... I went and found my old bagpipe band I use to play with.  They rock!

yay! it's the power day give-a-way!!!

Hi Everyone!

Whew!  Happy to announce the first Power Day Give-A-Way of the year.  As some of you know, I've kicked off a Power Year with the awesome Megan QuickeHere are my goals for the year, and here's my first update.

I'm having a ton of fun following through with these challenges and similar to "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear" I've found that "if a public forum is needed, an event will appear".  Meaning, I will also be participating in the Salon-Style Bicycle Art Show.  More details to come on that one.

Drumroll please...

Here is the very fun-to-have-made-for-you, awesome reclaimed paper, wire-bound notebook!  It's filled with lots of fun and colorful graph and lined papers.  All reclaimed, even the wire and machine used to make it are secondhand!

To enter to win this (and a few other goodies, free shipping included...) simply follow this blog or add it to your rss feed and leave a comment below.  If you'd like a topic, tell me about a time when you  worked super hard towards a goal...  The winner will be randomly selected.  To get additional entries, repost a link to this blog entry on Twitter, the Facebooks, or your own blog.  Just include a link below so I know you did it and count your additional entries!

Because this is such a green book, all recovered materials and all, I'll select the winner on the day we celebrate by wearing green, St. Patty's Day!  So you've got till sometime next Thursday to post away!

Thanks for helping to spread the word about my project.  The support really helps me stay motivated and I've got lots of fun things I'm looking forward to sharing with you.  Such as, Monday I'll be reviewing my weekend with you in photos.  I've just come home from an awesome art show and am looking forward to telling you all about it!

Have a super-awesome weekend!


sneak peek...

Hey Rootmixers,  here are some hints about what will be revealed tomorrow for the big Power Day give-a-way.  It's been a lot of fun to make...

Any guesses?

i can't even wait...

... until I watch the whole thing.  I gotta share it with you now!  I'm already tearing up at this presentation of one of my favorite view points:  we are all artists and can connect with the creativity within.

OK, back to finish watching the second half, then I'll have to watch it again.

Go create!!!

{power year} march madness!

It sure is March Madness!  This month's assignment and challenge from Megan Quicke's Power Year came through on March Eve and already there's been a maddening amount of goal-getting!  (Read the March Message here for yourself if you'd like to play along at home.)

Megan's challenge this month is to share our plans publicly.  As I thought of possible public declarations of my intentions for my Power Year, none of which really excited me, this invitation came bounding into my email inbox:   a Salon-Style Bicycle Art Show!!!  So, see Goal #3 and #4 below. Done and done!


My March Madness Goals:

1.  Send an email offering an introduction and explanation of my services to have friends share with their friends. (Due:  3/5)  [Update:  done!!!]
2.  Create goodies for the Power Day give-a-way happening March 11th!  Stay tuned on how to enter!
3.  Test and complete artwork to show at the Salon-Style Bicycle Art Show!!!   (Due:  3/22) [Status:  In progress]
4.  Sign up for MailChimp email service, upload all of my contacts, and send an announcement about the art show.  (Due:  3/16)
5.  Do the math on an affiliate program I will offer and send around an email announcing the program.  (Due:  3/31)

And overall, aim to do 32 hours of work that either is directly billable or will lead to income generation.  Build up to that this month.

*Bonuses that will rollover to April:  do my taxes; complete or schedule these tutorials from The Curious Pug.

A Wrap-Up of February: 

It went amazingly.  I gave myself just enough structure and just enough space to really have fun fulfilling these goals that will serve me well on the way to my dreams coming true!  It really boils down to being OK with succeeding and having compassionate expectations of myself; that's what's new for me this go-around. 

Thanks for all the support and encouragement!


what i like today...

  • I also really like playing the guitar, practicing finger picking
  • and I think I got my cooking mojo back!!!  It's been over 12 years!
Happy Friday y'all!  Oh, and here's where I was tweeting today... right... here!


what i like today...

  • google video chat (love!) yes, I just used it for the first time...
  • that etsy blue stamped crepe paper

  • plotting march madness for my Power Year!  it feels so good to accomplish goals!!!
  • a touching conversation with my bandmate, aaawww!
  •  my first singing lesson vocal exercises, now just to practice them!

what i like today...

  • kicking off March Madness for my Power Year!!!
  • the way this guy feels out notes... and if you listen closely, you can hear his voice along with the piano

  • which brings me to officially recognizing the awesomeness of these external speakers I got for Christmas... so much better to listen to the iTunes on...

  • oh, and this photo of organizing remotes...

Happy March 'eryone!

P.S.  More on my Power Year later... for now, I'll just let you know that I've come up with the give-a-way idea for March 11th, my Power Day!  Stay tuned!  It's gonna be fun!