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Fear Not at the Trickster Arts Salon

fear not indirect mail

From Jennifer Maria Harris, the artist:

Trickster  is a monthly Arts Salon that describes itself as a clubhouse for artists, seekers, thinkers, and players dedicated to community, creativity, and openness. This month's theme is appropriate for the start of the new year: the Juke Joint at the Crossroads, with a juke joint being a place to eat, drink, and dance your blues away, and crossroads being a place to make new decisions. This one-night event will include an installation of Fear Not Radio and Fear Not Indirect Mail,  performances by We are the unReal, Tom Jonesing, Wesley Frederick, and  DJ Fact.50, a workshop on connecting with your Wild Self by Gino Dante  Borges, body painting, a photo booth, and general merrymaking. Costumes are encouraged, though not required, and drinks are BYO.

I hope to see you there!

Trickster Arts Salon
2519 Mission Street
San Francisco

January 27, 2011
8PM - Midnight

my intentions for twenty-11

headed past van ness and market this morning

Ah, day six already of the new year.  I'm loving it. I've found myself skipping a bunch.  Just randomly. I just take off down the sidewalk.  Hopping from one foot to the other.  Shows it's gonna be a fantastic year!

To put some intention into the fantastic-ness, I will share some intentions here.  How 'bout eleven?  OK.

1.  I intend to create art to love and to sell.

2.  I intend to give blogging and an etsy shop a serious go.

3.  I intend to eat in a way that best supports my health; that my eating decisions stem from self-care.

4.  I intend to lead a very musical year be it enjoying live shows, playing more gigs, or learning new instruments!

5.  I intend to lay down to sleep at a consistent time each night. I intend to show self-care through beneficial sleep.  And if scheduling Intention #4 gets in the way of my regular sleep, I intend to do preventative napping.

6.  Somehow, I intend to save $10,000 this year.  (That one is just stuck in my head, begging me to write it out.  OK.  Should I specify, "In my savings account"?)

7.  I intend to have a clear, open, spacious home environment.

8.  I intend to ask inspiring people questions and surround myself with winners!

9.  I intend to meditate daily (do I?  This one feels more like a "should" goal.  Hmmm.  How about this:)  I intend to be mindful each day.  I will connect with and nurture my quite inner self each day.  (Yes, that feels bettta!)

10.  I intend to spend my time in highly selective, top hierarchy, choice ways which reflect my life values and creative priorities.

11.  I intend to be at peace with success, no matter how daunting, and accept life on life's terms. 

Thank you all for being loving witnesses to my intentions for the year. I may be calling on you for support!

xo, Zarah

Oh, and P.S.  Here's the new 2011 version of the resolution generator.  What will you do this year?

{multiples of 5} new year/new liners

Here's a new feature for the ol' bloggy-blog for the new year.  *multiples of 5*  I'll share found treats and not just one of 'em, but five.  And when?  Every day that's evenly divisable by 5.  See, I get to combine my love of inspiring, pretty things and math!

For our first multiple of 5, here are some inspiring, kick-off-the-new-year-right, lined drawers.  What better way to spruce up your space to welcome in the joy of twenty-11.  Find links below with some DIY how-to's to decorate where you store things you love.

here - a detailed how-to using fabric and mod podge to line drawers

here - learn how to make scented drawer liners

here - drawers lined with wrapping paper

here - make drawer liners from wallpaper

here - a whole dresser remake, including colorfully lined drawers

Cheers, happy new year!  And happy lining!
xo, Zarah

{white rabbits} a new year!

It's late.  I'm pre-scheduling this post in a hopeful effort to become a prolific blogger in 2011.  Ya think it can happen?  What is it I really wish to accomplish with this blog and Crafters Local 415?  RockOUT Press? 

Stay tuned for a beautiful year!