alice in wonderland!

wow, the new alice movie is already in theaters! i got some friends together to go check it out tomorrow, in 3d! i don't know if i've been to a 3d movie since i was a shorty... i hear the 3d glasses aren't paper anymore!

in celebration of actually planning ahead and seeing a movie, i've found some fun alice in wonderland images to share with you.

a little sumfin' for everyone, eh?


{datenight} keep on rockin' in a free world!

i love music!!! what a lovely way to spend an evening with someone special going over your music collections together! or, just exploring some music on your own!

have you listened to your old mixtapes lately? any old tapes for an old flame? i use to play sinead o'connor's *nothing compares 2u* over and over again in recognition of a lost love. finding that tape again recently has been a flashback!

are there lyrics that just make your heart ache with joy? or the tone of a song, a note being held just right and just long enough to tickle your heart?

do you have any new artists you've been wanting to checkout? i love exploring youtube or myspace and just clicking along to the next song link to see where we go with the music...

and of course, there's always jamming out with some live music! RAWK!!!

who are some of your favorite bands? let us know in the comments who you recommend or what old mixtapes you came across!


p.s. if you want kate to draw one of your mix tapes, follow this link and send it along!!!

simply in love!

i can't hardly stand it! get over to sfgirlbybay and greet her visitor jasna!


{click on pic for link}

{sunday's bouquet} bright & sunny!

a very happy, bright, and sunny day to you. oooh, and it's the academy awards tonight! please leave your acceptance speech for these flowers in the comments section ;)


{datenight} making me smile!

now, it this the same song with the marching band theme too? i'll have to look that up when i have more battery life. xoxo

{thanks sf girlbybay for sharing the link!}

{white rabbits!} spring is coming!

these white rabbits seem especially cute and welcoming given that it's almost spring! san francisco has had crazy weather with storm clouds on odd numbered days and bright sunshine on even numbered days, so hopefully the longer, brighter days of spring will even that all out.

oh, and spring cleaning. didn't i just clean for the new year? well, a nice fresh polish won't hurt anything. i'll give it a go.

this month's pack of white rabbits is inspired my the snuggly 3D variety.

oh, and this reminds me, stay tuned for a special collection of alice in wonderland inspired items! i'm getting some peeps together to see the opening of the new movie!

what are you looking forward to in march? we'll have more light during the days - does this mean more will get done?