{tidy tuesday} kimberly peck, architect

In an effort to ignite my tidying skills and inspire my desire for a clear and organized craft space in my studio, I unveil {tidy tuesdays}!!! (hhhhhhhachchchchchch crowd goes wild!) Here's an image that's been sitting on my interwebs tab for the past couple days, so pretty I don't care to close the tab and loose the image.

Found at Apartment Therapy, Kimberly Peck shows the finished product of her own loft renovation. Besides being inspired by her six month implementation of her vision to perfectly fit the space to her needs, I appreciate the order of stored objects which still are at easy reach. Loving the bookshelves accessible by library ladder on the facade of her bedroom loft area!

Here the bookshelf wraps around the room, overlooking the floating stairs up to the bedroom. another element I adore is the expansive open space, even though the loft comes in at just under 1,000 square feet. The use of over-sized scale for key focal points helps pronounce the openness.

And the large format artwork adds mucho interest. I imagine being in Kimberly's loft and craning my neck to study the detail of her artwork over the living room area. The selection of art helps stamp her signature on the already defined personal style. Most of her furnishings are designed by Kimberly herself!  Would you agree this is a calm space to call home?

A final note to help impart the sense of peace and serenity a spacious, organized space affords - check out this yummy tiled tub area in the bathroom. Just consider me soaking in bubbles, surrounded by candles.

Ahhhh! OK, inspired and off to do a bit more decluttering of MY space!


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