{hi5} feelin’ it friday faves!

here of some of the treats i've come across on the interwebs. all things that make me smile, bring back memories, and made me want to share them with you!

this little b-girl with her boombox, is showing how she throws down. and like the b-girl, lauren minco is throwing down with her illustration style, such great use of color and fancy used to display many cute boys and girls doing cute stuff! check out her website!

i'm really feeling this quilted map. and i especially like how cucumbersome's britt had a premonition-style dream a month before coming across this blanket! sometimes i come across things i wish i had thought of making. sometimes i'm just glad to see an idea carried out, even if i don't get the satisfaction of making it first. naw, scratch that. i'm usually pissed i didn't get my act in gear to carry out an idea. anyhoo, this quilt is a great idea i didn't even come close to thinking up and i'm happy to appreciate it this friday.

coming across this homemade play dough at hop skip jump made me smile. my mom use to make me homemade play dough too. she felt the store bought *playdoh* was too artificial (or something?). i couldn't eat sugar or preservatives. i guess ingredient-critiquing carried over into my play things too. i was a very lucky and cared-for girl.

i like how this pomegranate was thought up due to a plushteam iron chef challenge. just the creativity in coming up with such a challenge is inspiring. and i like how working together, the plushteam inspires each other. abbydid's *ingredient* was pom pons! they are the seeds!!!
and finally, if you and i were walking through a vintage shop and came across these bright blue film reels, i'd turn to you and gesture for a smacking hi5 of excitement! or, you can visit vintology and have a look at them on etsy and then post a hi5 comment here!

happy friday!


Anonymous said...

i love maps, but i think i love that quilt map even more. thank you for satisfying my aesthetic appetite for the evening!

Lauren said...

Thanks for the shout out! Hope to have the website updated soon...