{hi5} meteor shower!

my friend posted on facebook where to meet up at 1am to see the meteor showers tonight! i don't think i can make it that late, so i instead took a look online to see items that remind me of the night sky and a showering of lights. here's what i found!

first of all, this one's very practical. something to use when our feet are firmly planted on the ground and we're aware of not getting ink on our pockets!
{via rocket science shop}

here's the necklace i'd wear if i was soaring in the night sky...
{via simon designs}

i'd climb up to the moon, say hi, and look around!

i'd ask if anyone was around to play with this shooting star and we could make meteor showers of our own.
{via paper and cloth stash}

alas, my feet are planted firmly on the ground, here on earth. this is the closest i can imagine getting to fly amongst the stars... ahhhh!!! weeee!!!!
{via gothicrow}

sweet and starry dreams everybody!


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