flickr just became a better friend to me...

dear blog,
ok, call me late to the party, but i just discovered that the little *browse* text between the two arrows on the flickr photostream search ACTUALLY HAS A FUNCTION!!! i know. why didn't you tell me? i don't usually admit these things, but i was so not a super-fan of flickr cuz of how un-user-friendly it sometimes was. like, why wasn't i able to easily go back to the big layout of photos in a photostream in one easy click? huh?

well, it's cuz i never tried clicking on *browse*. i guess i needed one of those mouse/mice that vibrate when it rolls over a viable link. my friend's son had one of those when he was 2. i mean, i might have stumbled across the browse function earlier with one of 'em, eh? just maybe.

what has taken you longer than usual to clue in on???


and, p.s., i like flickr a lot more now. but what else am i missing!?!?!?!?

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