santa gets to rest now!

hope you all had warm and cozy holidays! i enjoyed time with my family and sending out holiday cheer to my friends far and near. i was a surprise leader in all the family games; who knew sudoku would train me so well for boggle!?!?!!!

i'm getting excited about the new year... all the seasons to come again, saying *twenty-ten* a lot, kicking off some daily crafty projects (*fingers crossed*), and FINALLY participating in thing-a-day february! whew! most exciting of all may be my round-the-clock decluttering & organizing marathon - can i get done by december 31st? stay tuned...

before i get to work, here's a look at some of my favorite holiday images and links i've been enjoying on YOUR blogs. you've really been getting me in the holiday spirit this year. it's been inspiring!

{click on pictures for source!}

this is a fun one! get one more dose of that holiday spirit while listening to some christmas songs on ukulele by lady harvatine! she's even got links so you can download the songs and a tutorial to fashion a fancy cd sleeve, if you so desire!

p.s. did you hear about the home alone twitter project?

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