...and then you give yourself a reward?!?!?

dear blog,

you know, elsie, over at a beautiful mess, has invited us to share our goals for the week. she sets her goals then rewards herself with a motivating treat if she's accomplished her goal by the end of the week. wha??!!?!?

i usually am stumped on how to motivate myself, but i'll be giving this a shot as twenty-ten is the year for me to be a beginner and try stuff out. i'll have to think of what my reward would be... hmmm? a massage!!! yes - that'll get me motivated!

i'm already 2 for 2 on my daily aceo project! yay! i'll keep that up for the week - 5 more aceos; complete an encaustics piece; and draft my business plan!

oh, i've also promised a tutorial for a heating pillow, you know, the kind you can warm up in the microwave? well, this tutorial will have options for hand sewing and a trick to its design so the filling doesn't get all caught up in one side of the pillow!

i work best when teaming up with others so this public posting thing could be a happy way to be held accountable for sharing goals and rewards with you, blog, and precious readers!

let me hear your goals too. and make sure to include what your reward will be! we can do this!!!


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