{eco find} re-upholster

here's a lovely video made by two of the upholster-ers of spruce. ah, the sprucettes!

they find chairs to update with (ironically) vintage fabrics. they also offer green options when reupholstering chairs; like natural and organic padding materials and fabrics.

i love how the two sprucettes work together, side-by-side, completing this chair make-over in the video.

and what an important component of their business, to pass on the lost art of upholstery by offering classes in their austin, texas storefront. here's a great link to student before-and-afters!

and guess what's getting added to my maker list...  actually, re-upholstery has been on my list, in the form of two chairs in my parents' garage... ever since i saw this posting at sea of shoes (and found two chairs at the side of the road).

happy monday!

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Yarns.etsy.com said...

that chair by the children is ace and what an eco friendly idea for those two reupholstering ran down furnature. thanks!