i did! i did go!

dear blog,

wow!  what a blessing to be able to follow up on a goal!  back in october i had stumbled upon hospitality house's community art studio during an open studios walk.  i found a wonderful welcome and the offer to come back and paint, work with clay, make an artistic kite, paper machie...  so many creative options!  i was like, "ok! i'll be back within a week to have an artistic day".  cuz i knew if i didn't do it soon, i may never get back.  jump right in!

however, i did not go back in a week.  instead it's taken me 7 months to get my creative little hands back to that site.  but i made it!  and it was a wonderful experience.

not only did i get a personal lesson on how to throw clay on a wheel, i met some other inspiring artists who make time for their creativity, got shown the screen printing set up, and found a wonderful new community.

i really sunk myself into the moment as i was working with the clay on the wheel.  to cone it up and cone it down, feeling the cool clay work against my hands as the wheel forces it around and around...  it was just as i had imagined way back (at least) since 2004!  that's when i ran a girl scout camp with two potters wheels.  i thought i'd have the whole summer to make lots and lots of pottery.  yet, i made only one item, hand pieced and had to reboot the kiln after the art teacher had shut everything down for the season! 

so there's a glimpse at how i use to dis my inner-artist.  that's why it's so important to me today to listen to that creative voice and take action to explore my talents!  and to practice at messing up and improving my technique!  i give thanks to the artist's way book group i'm involved with this year and for it just being time for me to hear this message from the universe.  creativity is vital, it's a gift, and it's an obligation!


oh, and p.s.  the clay was recycled!  bonus!

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