what i like today...

  • The way this frame is fashioned with a stitched-down fabric border... 

  • sleeping babies!
  • getting a full week of work hours, and more for Monday.
  • a free evening to devote to my Power Year.
  • remembering to do my 11 minutes of meditation this morning.
  • sticking to my food budget of $9 per day! 
  • cute 20-minute totes with easy-to-follow directions (and a simple way to use up my fabric stash... well, ok, make a small dent).
  • the way the ribbons for these lace-up shoes falls to the right...

  • being hopeful!
How 'bout you?


1 comment:

iHanna said...

Such cutness, thanks for sharing. I just posted an inspiration list on my blog too!