my rendition of black friday

I met up with the sister again today and she let me in on the idea of Black-Out Friday, which really charmed me, and we did get to some wine/raspberry drinkies, but below is my tribute to *literal* Black Friday, finally being posted after shopping for organizing stuff all day.  And dim sum.

Inspired by this black crocheted blanket, I'm off on an all-black interwebs collection of beauty.

And then we saw The Muppets.  It seems pretty autobiographical when I learned from my sister that Jason Segel wrote it and had grown up a big Muppets fan.  It was even forshadowed in his movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Then I scored me-points when I called it that a Flight of the Conchords had to be involved in the composing of a couple of the musical numbers.  Bret McKenzie.  Point.

Good night lovelies, mmm.

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