will you be home by 6pm for dinner tonight?

When I was growing up, my family had dinner together every night.  And when my dad started teaching in the evenings, he still came home for dinner, then headed back to the shop afterwards.  It was never an option to not eat together.  It wasn't a hassle to be there either.  It just was.  It was the way we did things.

I love seeing an executive show the importance of getting home to share this enriching time with her kids.  Are today's leaders forgetting what contributed to their success?  As an executive in my office who leaves in time to coach his kid's soccer team and have family dinner says, "It's the little things."

How appropriate for this message to come from a facebook executive.  Facebook keeps a lot of people online, but I've used it to connect with others to do stuff IRL.  I met friends at the park, took a weekend get-a-way trip, and saw live music all because facebook connected me with last minute plans.  Facebook keeps friends and families connected.  Sheryl seems to be demonstrating that principle in real life.

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