Starting point.

Tonight I:

1.  Followed through with a commitment
2.  Needed a drink after that
3.  Reached out to a friend to drink with me (and more importantly, to talk)
4.  Then, inspired, stayed up all night taking another step towards my focused vision, feeling distractions fall away

Why is it important to reach out?

I was bummed, I was humming with poo-poo energy.  You know how everyone says, "you are the average of the five folks you hang around most"?  Well, my average had just dropped, I had been around folks who really drained my energy.  So, to boost back up my average and my energy I asked a friend who had proclaimed an all-nighter on social media, so I thought she'd be the most likely to entertain a late night meet up.

What a sweetie, she also treated me to my much needed and much refreshed wine-based cocktail :) #thanksjess

By reaching out I practiced asking for help, not having all the answers, and built my community a bit more.

And then I pulled an all-nighter.

on track with focus - #41x14, hi5, declutter

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