Unicorns, daily magic, bright surprises, happy days...

These are all elements of this special year I have set out to create and participate in joyfully from August 30th, 2015 and for the next 365 days.

What a treat to kick this off in The Land Of Enchantment, having visited inspiring artists and nature sites.  Taos Pueblo, Millicent Rogers Museum, and the Georgia OKeefe museum.

I liked the things they liked and were attracted to the land and people as they were.

Focus for this first bit, until it's done, hopefully not longer than a month, arbitrary monthly focai...

Possessions - don't let 'em own YOU!

Take what I like and leave the rest.  Home is faith, safety, comfort, and love.  Those are mobile and stay with me.

I'll be confirming shop garage cleared out, taking that and home garage stuff to goodwill.  Streamlining room stuff, and keeping bits sorted for use in storage, like kitchen, bathroom linens, etc.  THEN I can start to redo storage items to see what I'm interested in now, at this time.

More updates when I'm inspired.  Cuz that's how I flow.

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