here's to twenty-ten!!!

happy new year precious readers! there's a rainbow-like ring around the full moon tonight, a blue moon at that! what a spectacular way to enter the new year.

earlier tonight i met with friends at ocean beach and we created are own ceremony to shed the old year and welcome in the new year. (as some folks burned christmas trees on the beach and others followed a rio de janeiro custom.) i realized how diabolical it is that not only am i invited to something like this, but that I HAVE FRIENDS WHO ARE INTO THIS TYPE OF THING TO BEGIN WITH!!! i love it! i love them!

we had noise makers, we meditated, we shared what we wanted to leave behind, we spritzed with yummy smelling essence, we embraced what we wished to welcome into our lives, we hooted and hollered. a bit like a wild rumpus! we burned our lists in a huge bonfire pit while being sage-smudged. super-awesome.

i left with a sense of an open heart, possessing the courage to move through obstacles, embracing being a beginner and the stumbling that goes along with that. twenty-ten is going to be so much fun. i feel so blessed to be able to share it with you!

in honor of new year's customs, i made sure to sweep out my home, empty all trash, recycling, and compost, along with the old vacuum bag and filter, before the new year. i will incorporate activities into new year's day that i welcome in abundance for 2010. note: this does not include doing dishes, cleaning, lending, being in debt, um, and cutting my hair (?). not until the 5th of the year.

a couple years ago i heard on an etsy forum that leaving your house with a suitcase and entering your home again will attract travel! walk in and out as many times as you want to travel, or more, just to make sure it sticks! it totally worked for me. that was my year with the most travel to date! it even carried over to this year. oh, and the suitcase doesn't even have to be packed!

i'm not aiming at a lot of travel this year, though i've got two cousins getting married on the other side of the country, but i AM aiming to create something everyday. i will share more about that in the next post.

let me know how your new year's eve went and what you're looking forward to doing in the new year. if you need some help, check out this resolution generator here!!! monina velarde has hooked us all up!


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