{white rabbits!} new year's day style!!!

i like the sentiment portrayed in this card by badbird. choosing to fly. what choices have i overlooked? where can i jump in and make a selection for my life? what choices are you making for your new year? what ever they are, i hope you soar!!!

once my new year's theme is chosen, i often need a reminder to keep checking in if i'm on track. or even just remembering i had made a choice. here's a lucky white rabbit to follow my progress all throughout the year!
{via snoozerlooser}

i am willing to be surprised! i know whatever comes my way, the tools to maneuver that surprise will also come my way.
{via pocketcarnival}

i've got a few *create something everyday* ideas for this year. love that yasmine surovec has a print-a-day thang goin' on.

hope you enjoyed these new years musings with our lucky friend, the white rabbit!!!

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