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dear blog,
today i worked in abundance for what i am welcoming into my new year. this included willing to be a beginner, pulling my bike out of storage and riding it, (even just for 5 feet in front of my house on the wet, rainy sidewalk), pulling out my encaustic materials which i have not set up in almost 2 years - i am showing willingness to use the tools, blog. this even led to sketching out my first piece of the year and i'm excited to get started layering on the melted wax. it was WAY easier to do then i'd spent the last year fretting about!

another thing i noticed about my approach to the day was taking immediate action. case in point: when i sat down to design aceo card #010110, first of a daily series, and found a pen was half dry (which has been the case for the last year, don't know what i was saving it for...) i made a new choice and stood up immediately to toss it in the trash! i know! it's the little things that are the most phenomenal!staying focused, making intentional choices for the year, and not getting side-tracked. what i'm welcoming and including in my daily life. and the best awareness is that i get to do the exact same thing today: the attitude, the welcoming in, the choosing what's on the plate today, and the negotiating between choices that compete for time. i get to choose how i want to spend my time and practice the first *live* of *live and let live*!

blog, here are some of my first day ta-da's, since you asked!
  • capturing video footage of market street
  • running into a dear friend
  • visiting a hipster coffee shop and
  • blogging a timely entry (!!!)
  • reaching out and connecting with friends
  • meeting up with other peeps
  • crocheting and troubleshooting granny squares!
  • chatting with my housemate
  • eating healthy food, including lucky lentils & kale
  • meeting up with a good friend to walk in nature
  • drinking 10 glasses of water!!!
  • being in the moment and negotiating through my day
  • practicing gratitude, meditation, being willing
  • walking outside with my passport to welcome international travel this year
  • (this was inspired by my sister's interpretation of walking out of the house with a suitcase on the first day of the year to invite travel for the new year)

i'm blessed with an early start to the day. i'll be working on that encaustic piece, getting my second aceo of the year done, and drafting the steps to my first requested tutorial. stay tuned blog and precious readers! let me know what you're up to, too!


p.s. woooohooo!!!

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