{sunday's bouquet} simple. again.

that's right blog (dear blog), i'm keeping it simple. again. this lovely spray of delicate flowers soothes me after my week where i'm feeling like i've run a marathon. though my body is achy, i've more got the mental exhaustion of processing-olympics. whew. it feels good to rest up on a sunday (after a clothing swap and three piece jam session)!

part of the mental exhaustion is from juggling so much while keeping a grateful outlook (yay!) while another part is facing up to my meeting a 3-month-long challenge that will hit a milestone in 5 days! ahhh! i'll be over that hurdle! 5 days to reach the satisfaction of accomplishment!

just taking a quick peek at my calendar... and yes! imma try and make it a slow-paced week! what's on the calendar is nicely spread out and do-able. and the rest of the time is for me! i'll take in my new year to date. it's been a great one so far and i'm looking forward to the rest!

just watched this video featuring tim ferris of four hour work week fame. my take-away is this quote which helped him connect with his grounded, successful core: "it's time to stop the analysis and let my conditioning put the pieces together."

i've been doing the footwork, now i turn over the results.

here's to a peaceful week,

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