{white rabbits!} spring is coming!

these white rabbits seem especially cute and welcoming given that it's almost spring! san francisco has had crazy weather with storm clouds on odd numbered days and bright sunshine on even numbered days, so hopefully the longer, brighter days of spring will even that all out.

oh, and spring cleaning. didn't i just clean for the new year? well, a nice fresh polish won't hurt anything. i'll give it a go.

this month's pack of white rabbits is inspired my the snuggly 3D variety.

oh, and this reminds me, stay tuned for a special collection of alice in wonderland inspired items! i'm getting some peeps together to see the opening of the new movie!

what are you looking forward to in march? we'll have more light during the days - does this mean more will get done?



Michelle said...

Holy cuteness, batman!

ROOTMIX.blogspot.com said...

hehehe, thanks michelle!

Elie's Papel said...

super cute... very alice in wonderland

ROOTMIX.blogspot.com said...

thanks elie, saturday is the movie at the historic castro theater! with a pipe organ and all! you're reminding me to pick out my alice in wonderland inspiration before i go!