{eco find} vintage fabric slippers

i love making a lighter footprint on the earth by using less new resources and conserving where i can.  these eco toes help to make that happen... practically literally!

i noticed these yellow plaid slippers on the front page of etsy and had to investigate further.  infusion is a shop run by abby on the premise of not just reusing materials, but creating something durable and long lasting.  the infusion fibers blog is also lovely, showcasing beautiful sustainable home projects and images.

i've reclaimed many samples of upholstery fabric, but they are still piled up waiting for inspiration.  infusion has figured out a striking way to reuse such fabric.  polka dot eco toes!

this pair below reminds me of the environmental studies project i completed waaaaaay back in college.  i presented facts and findings on the massive amounts of mattresses ending up in landfills.  could they be designed to be disassembled and their components reused or recycled?  ticking was a tough one to find a new home for.  it's the fabric usually on the outer-most surface of the bed.  not quite absorbent enough to use as rags... but as shoes, yes!  and the stripes are so cute!  though, i think this vintage fabric made it's way from somewhere else than a mattress.

hope you all are enjoying your monday!


p.s.  i love this poem found on the infusion fibers blog:  relationship.  check it out and leave a *hello* message!


Michelle said...

Very cool, they look great but I've always wondered how quick they'd fall apart on me, I'm so hard on shoes and slippers!

ROOTMIX.blogspot.com said...

michelle, are you dancing the night away in your slippers?!?!