it's a new year for me!

hi all, yesterday was ma burfday!  it was a fun time.  lots of love!  i'm now 37 years old.  whhheee!!! 

i've been inspired by folks who do those birthday lists and i've been drafting mine for the last couple of months.  well, the day is here now!  below is my final [?] list of stuff imma do for me for the year.  my adventures.  there's some fun stuff in there and some challenging items as well.  some things i've already begun doing and feel they are important enough to mention and keep up for my 37th year.

side note:  may examples of other peoples lists are from 20-somethings... is this fair?  i'll just have to keep focused to get my longer list accomplished!  i did come across one woman's blog who had a 50@50 list, but it looks like she's taking longer than a year to complete.  cuz that's almost be a thing a week!  coincidentally, her blog is called 37days and each morning she asks herself, "what would i be doing today if i only had 37 days to live?"  i plan on using that guide as well to accomplish my year's vision.

a caveat - i will complete these 37 listed items by the time i turn 38.  i will periodically update my list to show my progress, i'd love your support!  i reserve the right to swap out a listed item for something more relevant or of equal challenge.  cuz i can't predict the future.  mpdl.

have you worked on a set of goals for your birthday year?  how are those 2010 goals going?  let's all jump in where we are and bathe in the abundant awesomeness waiting for us to make a splash!


p.s.  the key word for the year is *discovery*

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i forgot to include: memorize the periodic chart. i prolly got sidetracked when i was going to look up a max element number to memorize up to...