{gold!} just loving these images!

checking the front page of etsy one more time before heading to bed last night, i clicked on the shop called tavin. i was drawn there by this dress...

being struck by this image, i had to explore more and pulled up this dress listed next to it, a beautiful blue knit dress. i love the expansion and constriction of the pattern movement.

the images are peaceful, delicate, and beautiful. and the sentiment erin, the proprietor, shares about her shop and building an online community through her vintage offerings feels like a genuine warm hug!

under each beautifully photographed vintage garment, erin writes some prose, sharing her observations of moments.

this last one features a 1930's look i think we can relatively easily emulate now. a coin-bedazzled necklace, a thin scarf tied as a headband, and a worn-in, soft cotton tank top... and i love those white tights. but that style, that look, capturing that image... not so easy to replicate. learn more about the style photo-shoot at erin's shop announcement on etsy


p.s. erin's got quite an inspiring story on her etsy profile of her path to having her dream of tavin shop come to fruition! see even more pics on her flickr.

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