i just love me some music

...it totally soothes my soul. it sets me at peace. it makes me happy and it inspires me!

yes, i have a love-affair with music.

but lately i haven't been paying music much mind.

it's time to rekindle the romance. what are some of your favorite artists? please share links!

here's what i'm listening to now:


p.s. thanks rosy designs online for such cute inspiration!


Felicity said...



thais. said...

music moves my soul as well... lately it's been hard trying to find time to really delight in new sounds. I guess having a baby completely changes music time. ;)
thx for visiting my blog. as for the mosaic of photos on my road trip blog nothing special, just old photoshop layout!

ROOTMIX.blogspot.com said...

hi felicity, yes! silversun pickups! got to see them... wow, had to go look at their tour history - 2006! when they opened at live 105's not so silent night. i think they won the local band competition... i'll go take a look through some of their videos...


ROOTMIX.blogspot.com said...

thanks thais! i do love your blog! i love stories of how parents influence their kids' music taste. it's really fun hearing about how a 4 year old is all heavy into led zeppelin!