{multiples of 5} new year/new liners

Here's a new feature for the ol' bloggy-blog for the new year.  *multiples of 5*  I'll share found treats and not just one of 'em, but five.  And when?  Every day that's evenly divisable by 5.  See, I get to combine my love of inspiring, pretty things and math!

For our first multiple of 5, here are some inspiring, kick-off-the-new-year-right, lined drawers.  What better way to spruce up your space to welcome in the joy of twenty-11.  Find links below with some DIY how-to's to decorate where you store things you love.

here - a detailed how-to using fabric and mod podge to line drawers

here - learn how to make scented drawer liners

here - drawers lined with wrapping paper

here - make drawer liners from wallpaper

here - a whole dresser remake, including colorfully lined drawers

Cheers, happy new year!  And happy lining!
xo, Zarah

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