6 exciting things you probably missed this weekend and why tony hawk hit his tweet limit for the day. [nO. 1]

Reading through the tweets for #THTH, I was getting butterflies in my tummy and smile after smile across my face.  This was so exciting!  #THTH stands for Tony Hawk Twitter Hunt and Sunday he hosted an international find.  But only in English speaking countries.  He can only tweet in English.

Here's the clue for San Francisco's filled goodie box...

...which was found in under 3 minutes. 

Across that bridge pictured above, was the second super-awesome thing you probably missed...

pic courtesy of Ron Evans

Books Inc. hosted Attack of the Authors with Jason Fry and Ryder Windham, writers who shared their experiences writing Star Wars books.  Not pictured:  more stormtroopers, a Rebel pilot, and a Jedi Knight.  Thanks for the pic and explanation, Ron!

This one I missed, but hope you made it - Vanessa VerLee Variety Show!  Here Vanessa is about to cover My Sharona, which, when little, her brother made her think was written for her father's church secretary.  They'll be another V. V. Variety Show in the Fall, so stay tuned!

picture by Brandon Smith

If you weren't in L.A., or didn't make a trip down there specifically to Caine's Arcade, you missed the presentation of his $152,000 scholarship check; all funds raised in under a week from supporters happy to participate in a return to off-screen creativity.

You also missed the announcement that each dollar raised for Caine's education up to $250,000 will be matched by to start the Caine's Arcade Foundation to find, foster, and fund other creative kids.

Here's a video that recaps what's happened since last Monday.  And here's a spectacular article pointing out why discovering Caine's Arcade is so important for him and others.

Finally, you may have missed me bidding on my new mini home bass and snare drum kit...

Oh, and Mission Open Studios.  I like to catch up on what I missed by having a little online show, browsing through artist websites.  No free cheese and wine though.

Let me know if you discover a new favorite artist and what you didn't miss this weekend!

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