what i immediately signed up for last week {the listserve}

Last week I was introduced to *the listserve*.  I immediately signed up; it was day one.  When I told someone about it the next day the total number of people signed up had grown from 3264 to 6487!

I mean, the opportunity to send an email to 1 million people, right?!  How exciting and nerve-racking that would be?!  How it stops you in your tracks.  What would be the perfect thing to say?  What's worth telling one million people?  It was hard to not think of it as a marketing opportunity.  But don't we market ourselves everyday?  Even when we stay home - we're protecting our brand and the outside world from grumpy me...  Life is art and the way we speak and what we choose to share about says even more than the actual words coming out of our mouths or fingertips (onto a keyboard... I think you caught that one).

What if you could offer your YOU art a bigger audience?  An audience of thousands, approaching a million?  What if you were called upon to share a message with this group of a million, randomly.  Wait, let's flip this around - what if you got to read a message from someone each day that was put under this unique spotlight condition and rose to the challenge of saying something worth a million listens?

The other interest that comes to mind is, "You'd better get your act together, self, if a million people could hear something you say."  Have a life worth advertising.

Either way, I'm stoked to be a part of this process.  I may be called upon to share a message with thousands upon thousands of people, the email lottery.  But for sure, I'll be offered a new email each day from a new person with a perspective I may not have been exposed to, someone who is willing to share a bit of themself with so many of us.

Here's a little more about the listserve and a link for you to sign up too.

Three days ago, the listserve hit 10,000 and today I received the perfect indoctrinating email from Emil Stenstrom from Sweden containing a splendid balance of heads-up, use-your-power-for-fun, and warmth-of-life, kindly message, gently nudging this project forward into a special place in my heart. 

If you'd like to see the email too, leave a comment below (with your email) or email me at heyrootmix [at] yahoo dot com with "Emil 041812" in the subject line and I'll forward his message to you.

You all rock.

(And yes, it's like TED for email.)

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