my virtual christmas card to you.

Here are some fun things that got me into the sprit this Christmastime. Hope you are enjoying and soaking in all the bits to the end of this year!

- First off, a song by these dapper, dapper men:

- I kept track of Santa's whereabouts on this site!

- I guess this is how Santa let go of some steam during the push of those last couple days before Christmas.

- Here a sassy fruitcake is interviewed.

- A festive tweet capturing the perfect holiday moment:

- Thanks to my 9th grade locker partner for sharing this Christmas gem I hadn't heard of (but my parents were all about when I played it for them):

And below are some photos I took around town, capturing some of the holiday spirit. 

I was sick for my first art show at my new art studio.  Still stopped by for a hot minute to check it out.

Shopping at Renegade Craft Fair Winter Market.

And I got into the painting spirit as well, had to get some new watercolors to scratch my artsy itch.

Some dancing geese downtown were busy tying up gifts.

And the big holiday dinner came with cuteness and homemade cookies!

 Homemade orange cranberry relish, Grandma's recipe.

Mission Pie pies.

And a bright day after, capturing pretty sights.

Hope all your holidays were merry and bright!


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