so happy for saturday

Lots I could do today, including rest.  We'll see what happens.  I'm very excited for my upcoming open studios, the first weekend of April.  Here are some pieces I've been getting ready.  Pulling together in-progress canvases with the theme TOOTH  WILMA  STRAWBERRY.

photo and art by zarah darling  [TOOTH  WILMA  STRAWBERRY, in progress]

Also, may have found a new, sunny home.  It's got the three L's:  location.  Fingers crossed.

Very excited for my friend at The Westhood who had her photo featured on sfgirlbybay's #sfgirlguide.  Yay-pants Megan!!!  Here is the pic picked.  Love the colors :)

photo by megan @thewesthood

Missing swimming as I'm working from a different location than usual.  I mean floating.  Floating is what I usually do.  And somersaults.

that's not me.  in fact, that's an oil painting by eric zener called somersault

Have a great weekend everyone, what are you getting into?  Oooh, let me know your favorite open studios art snack too!  #grocerylist



zarah darling said...

update - no new home, and taking a hiatus from looking. focusing on art show, bidnes, then minimizing ma stuff, yo.


Megan M-R said...

thanks for the shout out :)